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Donating to the Orkney Museums Collections

Donate an Object to our Museums

The museum cares for over 140,000 objects and we welcome new offers of donations to the collection to ensure we share stories and history from Orkney with all who are interested. 

Make a financial Donation

Your donation will enable people across the globe to explore and share in Orkneys past.  Donations support the care preservation and display of the collection, and make the inspirational work of our curators, technicians, collections staff and educators possible.

How your donations help

Your donation can be put towards a number of causes. Be it restoring a Neolithic ring or the purchase of a new case, to be dedicated to protecting and displaying objects from Orkney’s rich historical past. Your donations will be used as effectively as possible to enable our team to produce displays, purchase resources and improve accessibility, so that we can provide the best service possible.

Donations are vital in helping us go that extra mile. It’s only thanks to the generosity of donors we can acquire new objects, design new exhibits, source and provide learning materials for young people or even pay for an artefact to be professionally conserved. 

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