Images: ‘Echoes of Orkney’ paintings by Tom Nugent

Images: ‘Echoes of Orkney’ paintings by Tom Nugent, The Orkney Museum, 9th February-26th March 2021

I have been asked if it was possible to photograph the current exhibition of paintings by Tom Nugent. Unfortunately the photos are not of high quality and have a glare from the lights, but are the best that we could produce under the circumstances. So, my apologies to Tom for the colours, which don’t ‘sing’ like they do in the originals. If you can visit, then I suggest that you do. All the pieces, with the exception of ‘Hupe’, are for sale. Contact the museum by leaving a message on here.

1. Stones over Windwick. 76cm x 52cm. £800.
2. Hupe. 61cm x 46cm. Not For Sale.
3. St Andrew over Kirkwall. 84cm x 59cm. £1,000.
4. St Magnus Waves Goodbye. 84cm x 59cm. £1,000.
5. Stones 1. 134cm x 92cm. £3,000.
6. Echoes of Orkney. 270cm x 134cm. £7,000.
7. Stones 2. 134cm x 92cm. £3,000.
Stones 1 & 2 hung as a triptych with Echoes of Orkney.
8. 84cm x 59cm. £1,000.
9. Bishop. 84cm x 59cm. £1,000.
10. Windwick. 84cm x 59cm. £1,000.
11. Last Selkie. 84cm x 59cm. £1,000.
12. Jerusalem. 84cm x 59cm. £1,000.
13. Light over St Mary’s Church, Burwick. 84cm x 59cm. £1,000.
14. St Magnus. 84cm x 59cm. £1,000.
15. Whisky. 84cm x 59cm. £1,000.
16. More Cows. 84cm x 59cm. £1,000.
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