Between Islands Project, Film 12 (Western Isles)

Between Islands Project, Film 12 (Western Isles)

Weaver at a Hattersley loom, c.1960.

[Alex MacDonald, coordinator, Between Islands]

At one time the sight – and sound – of the Hattersley, or single width loom, was common in Lewis and Harris. However, in recent years a move to the use of double width looms has meant the Hattersley is now a rarity, and kept in use by just a small number of weavers. 

This week’s film takes a look at the workings of the Hattersley, and features an interview with weaver Kenny Maclennan.  As the use of our native languages is particularly important when recording these working practices on our islands, the interview is in Gaelic. (with English subtitles).  

Kenny is also featured in a film made by the Harris Tweed  Authority about the overall processing of the product:

There is also lots of information to be found on the HTA website regarding branding and the history of the cloth.

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