Between Islands Project: Latest Updates

Between Islands Project: Latest Updates

Alex MacDonald, coordinator of the Between Islands Project writes:

There are lots of bits and pieces to report on Between Islands at the moment including the release of our latest film, made by Zoe Paterson Macinnes and featuring an interview with writer Kevin MacNeil.  Current restrictions are somewhat curbing our ambitions with film however we do hope to bring you some more of these as soon as we can. The channel now has over 21K views and rising, so many thanks to those who have been sharing content.

In addition, this month Dr Ian Tait of Shetland Museum will be undertaking this talk:

Edinburgh University run a programme called Prescribe Culture, offering therapy to people with mental health issues, as part of their health and wellbeing programme.  Originally for students, the initiative has grown to include public referrals, and the international membership spans all ages.  The programme comprises guest guides giving online presentations and tours on heritage topics.  The range is diverse, from sites like the Library of Parliament at Ottawa and the Singapore National Gallery, to topics such as honeybees and the Edinburgh Festival.  In March 2020 Dr Ian Tait will be a Prescribe Culture guide, explaining our Fair Game exhibition.  It will run like a reading club, where members study the content in advance, before joining later for the slideshow and discussion group. Link.

Alastair Hamilton of Promote Shetland has written a very good review blog on the project overall which can be seen here.

Lastly, Radio Nan Gaidheal recently made our CD record of the week and have been playing it regularly since its release. The recording is also starting to yield some good reviews, one of which can be found here.


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