‘Fallen Oak’, film

Fallen Oak Film

HMS Royal Oak

[Tom Muir]

As part of the centenary commemorations of the role that Scapa Flow played in the naval history of World War I, surveys were carried out on the remains of the scuttled ‘Interned Squadron’ of the German Fleet, as well as the Royal Navy’s two lost ships HMS Hampshire and HMS Vanguard.

Further survey work was also carried out on the wreck of HMS Royal Oak, a veteran of the Battle of Jutland, which was sunk in Scapa Flow by the German submarine U 47 at the start of World War II.

This beautifully produced film was made to commemorate the 81st anniversary of the sinking on 14th October, using footage of the dives on the wreck. HMS Royal Oak, along with HMS Hampshire and HMS Vanguard, are war graves and diving on them is not allowed. This survey work was carried out on behalf of the Royal Navy.

HMS Royal Oak flying the Norwegian flag and with White Ensign at half mast, brings the body of Queen Maud back to Norway for burial on the 24th November 1938. Queen Maud of Norway was the sister of King George V and had been in London for treatment for cancer.

I was honoured to be a part of this film, along with divers Emily Turton and Ben Wade. Also interviewed were Naismi Flett and Johnny Meil. Sadly, Johnny passed away earlier this year, 2020.

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